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01.01.2010 We at Midori have been creating content since 2005, but until now we have done it under the Sepia brand.

After phenomenal, nearly 50 percent, growth in 2009, the successful addition of consulting services to our portfolio, and consistent growth in both revenue and the quality of our translation division, we decided to consolidate the ownership and revamp the corporate identity. We now present Midori.

In Japanese, midori is the word for the color green. It is also a female name, the name of a town in the Gumma province two-hours outside of Tokyo, a Mexican melon liquer, a web browser, and the codename of two operating systems. So, yes, we are not the first to be taken by the pleasant sound and positive connotations of this name, but we are certain that most of you will soon be associating it with the highest level of service, professional relationships, and our friendly staff.

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